Superior Stability and Support.

Benefits for Knees

Benefits for Calves, Achilles and Shin Splints


Targeted support for key ligaments,
tendons and muscles in and around your knee.

Who Purchases GO Knee Sleeves?

  • Users of compression sleeves
  • Anyone experiencing knee pain or inflammation
  • Those recovering from knee injury
  • People seeking improved mobility and comfort while working
  • Players looking for peak athletic performance


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Targeted support for shin splints,
Achilles tendon and calf muscles.

Who Purchases GO Calf Sleeves?

  • Users of compression sleeves
  • Runners or hikers seeking relief from shin splints
  • Those recovering from Achilles injury
  • People seeking improved mobility and comfort while working
  • Players looking for peak athletic performance


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Kris Espiritu

Challenges: Knee Pain, Unable to Run, Ibuprofen.
Results: Returned to pain-free running 2 miles per day without Ibuprofen; no more doctor visits for Kinesiology taping.
“I love being able to get the support that I need without having to be taped up. I'm back to running probably about three to five times a week, two miles pain-free, no ibuprofen, and just with the use of the GO Sleeves.”

Estelle Noel

Challenges: Shin Splints Created Pain While Running.
Results: Now running without pain or medication.
“Running helps calm me and is my way of decompressing. When I found GO Sleeves, I felt hopeful about running again. GO Sleeves will definitely help me in my goals and running until I'm 80.”

Mike Barron

Challenges: Knee Pain Impacting Ability to Work, Surgery and Ibuprofen Options Not Preferred.
Results: Currently working and exercising pain-free, no ibuprofen.
“ I was beyond desperate because it affected my job. So I tried all the different braces, sleeves, whatever, and it didn't really do anything. If I didn't have GO Sleeves I wouldn't be going.”

Dave Thompson

Challenges: Previously Torn Achilles, Preventing Recurrence.
Results: Confidently Attacking CrossFit Workouts, Healthy In Construction Job.
“I've done a little bit with the kinesiology tape previously through my chiropractor, that's helped me through some injuries and it's great. It's kind of a hassle to work with, but the GO Sleeves already have it built in there.”

Johnny Cheng

Challenges: Torn Meniscus Causing Pain and Inflammation, No Tennis.
Results: Experienced swelling relief and returned to mobility within one week of use. Able to compete with confidence.
"GO Sleeves have really changed my life. I go from being very hesitant when I’m playing sports to feeling invincible. I call it the Iron Man sleeve. Because when I put it on I feel like Iron Man."

Kami Pham

Challenges: Keeping Knees Healthy For Aggressive Workouts.
Results: No more visits to doctor for KT Tape. Confidently working out without being distracted by knee discomfort.
“What I really like about GO Sleeves is the fact that you just slide it on and it's targeted. It goes right to where you want to go and focuses on that. It just fits and at the end of the day it just targets right where you want it to be.”



Compression sleeves offer a wide variety of benefits, including reduction in inflammation, lactic acid build-up, and accelerated muscle recovery. However, the benefits of kinesiology products and in particular, kinesiology taping, tend to be unfamiliar to many people.

Typically, athletes in physical therapy utilize therapeutic kinesiology tape. The tape is strategically applied to the body to provide support, lessen pain. reduce swelling, and improve performance. Doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors appreciate how kinesiology tape leverages and improves the body's natural ability to heal itself.

The tape is designed to mimic the skin's elasticity to use your full range of motion while reeducating the neuromuscular system in parallel. When the tape is applied to your body, it recoils slightly, gently lifting your skin. This creates a microscopic space between your skin and the tissues underneath it. Studies have shown that the improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids can reduce pain, increase flexibility, reduce inflammation and accelerate the recovery of fatigued muscles.

GO Sleeves Are A Superior
Application of Kinesiology

In comparison to popular kinesiology tape products such as Rock Tape ® or KT Tape ®, GO Sleeves offer a superior application of kinesiology in most use cases due to:

- Easily self-applied
- No medical professional assistance required
- Reusable sleeves save money
- Stays on when you sweat

GO Sleeves are not a substitute for medical advice. It's always a good idea to consult a medical professional when injuries occur that severely limit your mobility, inflict pain, or are recurring in nature. However, GO Sleeves are commonly used to receive the benefits of kinesiology during and after medical treatments.

Kinesiology Studies and Resources

A study conducted in 2015 in the Journal of Hand Therapy proved that trigger point pain was reduced and flexibility increased for people when kinesiology tape and manual pressure were used together.

An article in Healthline illustrates how the lymphatic system regulates swelling and fluid buildup in your body. It may also improve circulation of lymphatic fluids. Lymphatic fluid is mostly water, but it also contains proteins, bacteria, and other chemicals.

A study conducted by members of the Department of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences and North Dakota State University in 2017 showed kinesiology tape slightly increased the space in the shoulder joint and helped reduce the chance of joint irritation.

A small study conducted in 2017 by the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy with 32 participants proved that when kinesiology tape was applied over the knee, it increased the space in the knee joint.

A study in 2014 showed kinesiology tape reduced fluid buildup in women who underwent breast cancer treatment.

A recent study from BMJ Journals in 2018 demonstrated kinesiology tape reduced fluid buildup in people who had total knee replacements.

A 2012 study in Science Direct showed that kinesiology tape can improve the long-term appearance of scars after surgery or injury.

Many orthopedic surgeon doctors and physical therapists have published their support for the use of knee compression sleeves, such as this publication by Dr. Howard Luks.